Thursday, March 28, 2013

I give up...

Yesterday's task was to "be more imaginative, find out what someone has given up for Lent and then buy it for them for Easter"

I really can't see what's immaginative about that. Or practical.

One of my bosses gave up meat for Holy Week, but I'm sure she wouldn't thank me for buying her a ham sandwich for Easter. My husband has given up meat and milk and I WILL buy him some of both for his Easter, but since that isn't until May I have plenty of time to find a bargain Easter egg or a good value piece of beef. I don't know what anyone else gave up. I suppose I could try to find out but that wouldn't be imaginative it would be intrusive and unwelcome.

So all I did yesterday was to give anyone who might be reading this blog the gift of a day off - consider yourselves blessed!

Today's talk is easier - to buy some flowers for someone. So far the morning is lovely and the sun is shining, so I will be able to pick or buy some flowers for my neighbour, and I will get some for me too.

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