Saturday, March 09, 2013

days merging together

The horrible, nasty, bitter cow of which there is at least as much in me as there is horse in a Tesco burger, says that I swapped today's Love Life Live Lent task and did it yesterday.

Today's task is to "Think of others, do a job that others normally do".

Yesterday I was supposed to "have more fun, play a game" but having come over all peculiar at work I came home and played the game of lying down in a darkened room all evening, which is usually done by others (yes, yes, because they usually need to and I'm fortunately usually healthy so don't) in our house.

I WILL try to do a job normally done by others - going to volunteer to do some of the extra deliveries a friend has landed herself with. If I make up a story or try not to walk on the cracks while I'm doing it hopefully it will count as a game and I'll have done yesterday's task today.


Batty Matty said...

I hope you feel better today!

Batty Matty said...

And tomorrow's task is? xx

marcella said...

Feeling a lot better today thanks - it may have been my new glasses making me feel weird, or a bug, but I seem to be recovering either way.

I've been too mean to buy the book so can't look ahead to the tasks for next week. We don't have one on Sundays though, it is a day off as "every Sunday is a little Easter". Planning on doing some flower arranging with the god-children this Sunday, and an Easter egg hunt next. Because they've been enthusiastic participants doing things for Sundays with the god-children has proved much more exhausting than keeping the Lent activities on days which I'm not supposed to get time off!

mary said...

Sorry you were so whooped you needed that dark restful room but I am also glad you took care of yourself. Can't you come to the USA and do something I normally do? Never mind. I'd rather play if you ever get back this way again. :)