Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On both sides of the fence

This post will be even more obscure than most. Unlike many of my friends I am not a writer. Therefore this won't in any way be inspirational or educational for you. It's more like therapy for me, except that because it is public and you can see it I can't go into even the most sketchy of details, so it isn't that either. Suffice to say that although this could be about the conflicts I face combining political animal with realist, or religious observer with cynic, or wife with mother, it happens to be about being both a passonate supporter of and employee within the NHS and a parent advocate.

The chap in the picture looks fairly comfortable on his nice smooth fence, but then he's not making any effort to put a foot down on either side, let alone both, or to move in any direction.

I sometimes find myself in the position where, not only do I have one foot on each side of the fence, I'm desperately trying to walk with the people on both sides at once, not out of some false sense of "being nice" but because I genuinely believe in their cause. Even with a pretty smooth fence that can hurt!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Still living...

I'm posting this because I'm about to comment on someone else's blog and don't think it fair to be public about his views without at least giving a link back to me.

This is me, Fiona, aka Marcella, and I'm still alive.