Saturday, March 02, 2013


I have vowed this year NOT to drone on about telephone conversations, even in May when I had my worst ever one, so it's probably fitting that I modify today's task a bit.

I am supposed to "Keep in Touch, phone someone you haven't seen for a while". Well I HAVE seen one of my daughters quite regularly, but can't phone her anyway as she's hopeless at keeping a phone. I haven't seen the other one, but her phone signal is terrible and talking that way is pretty frustrating for both parties. I DID phone my mother-in-law yesterday but she has a sore throat so it wasn't fun for her.

Adapting the task seems like a good idea, and fortunately these days there are a lot of alternatives. I've messaged a couple of lovely friends. I've e-mailed others. I attended a meeting in person and hand delivered some of the resulting literature. And tonight I'm going to sit down with some pretty cards from the local newsagents and WRITE. Using the good old Royal Mail is still a pretty effective way of communicating.

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