Tuesday, March 07, 2017

What right do I have....

Having hardly touched this blog in the last year this is my second post in as many days and I have ideas for a couple more.

They're all on the same theme. I'm not an expert on the subect. I haven't had an eating disorder and I'm not a professional in the field (or indeed in any field). I get angered and enthused and excited and frustrated in my capacity as a mother, nothing else. I know some stuff about other subjects too and perhaps I'll post a whole series of blatherings about other subjects that I've learned about through loved ones but for now I'll stick with this one. It matters very much to me. It matters to a lot of my friends. I was conforming to the norm I would have done it all last week.  but I didn't. Maybe I'll finish my drafts on Lent the week after Easter.

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