Thursday, March 09, 2017

Someone is wrong on the Internet

 One of the side effects of frantically googling for information on a specific subject is finding "related articles". When looking for the useful study presented at last year's EDIC instead I found this

It's on a site that certainly should be reputable. It's a report on a study by some pretty major figures in the ED world so what's not to like? Well quite a bit to my mind. OK, as a parent of a child who developed an eating disorder I'm defensive. I made a lot of mistakes during her childhood and I regret them all. However I don't think that, on their own, they caused her eating disorder and I thought that such ideas had gone years ago. Yet here's a study looking at only such "risk factors". All links mentioned  (and it does explain that they are not proved) are between potentially fatal illness and parenting and there's nothing about the possible genetic and other environmental influences that may influence the development of little understood and woefully under-researched disorders. Those involved in eating disorders "Prevention" might be as disturbed as those who debate with them. Negative energy balance is tangentally linked, in the "related articles" which all explain what a good thing it is.


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