Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tell Laura I Love Her

Well no, I'm going to have to tell her myself.

Today's task "Be More Loving, Tell Someone You Love Them"

 With some people this is easy. Our neighbours and their children are extremely generous people who share their home, their food and their words of love very easily. It is great to be told by 9 year old E that she loves you, and to say it back. It doesn't even come off badly when the words and sentiment are shared with their teenage son.

As a more middle-class, stiff upper-lip Brit, I find the words more difficult, especially with my family.

It is easy for the sentiment to be stilted, qualified, especially if the person I'm speaking to is diffident, unsure, troubled in his/herself.

So my challenge is to say the words to my immediate family. I'll start with the easiest who may be physically furthest away but is no problem, and work through the list. If I manage it with my parents I'll really will have achieved something.

Oh yes, but Laura, I do love you, and Irish I love you too,


Laura Collins said...

I love you, Marcella. So very much. I know, so gushy and American. I may even use exclamation points so shield your eyes to avoid blushing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marcella said...

Love you too Laura - tried to say so earlier but the technology was colluding with my British reserve and I was unable to prove, from my phone, that I'm not a robot.

marcella said...

Well I sort of managed it although not with everyone. I obviously have a rather avoidant personality style especially when it comes to expressing deep emotion. I'm going to try to accept that about myself and try to say "hmmmm" with an appreciative smile when people say nice things and with a shrug when I am criticised