Saturday, February 23, 2013

Look here

when I read the task today I thought it would be lovely - what nicer than to NOTICE THE WORLD, go for a walk and notice what's round you ?

On a day like today almost anything. It is so flaming cold that I have been out to Asda and noticed the things on the shelves, and at home noticing the dust. I did go out in the garden to put the bin out and noticed that the poor crocuses, peeping out quite beautifully last week, are frozen like the rest of us.

So I'm not going for a walk. I'm huddled up in front of the computer wearing two pairs of warm pyjamas and a pair of bedsocks. I might go and look for a hat soon as well. I shall try though, for the rest of the day to LOOK properly at what I am doing. To concentrate on one screen at a time. To appreciate the pictures and messages on the computer and maybe even remove the dust and look at the wood and carpet and fabric underneath with a fresh and appreciative eye.

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