Friday, February 15, 2013

Everything's News

Today's LLLL instruction is to watch the news and to choose one item to pray about.

Awkward as ever I don't tend to watch the news but rather to read it on-line, but with a little modification I've managed the task. My e-mail provider attempted to help by telling me what the most popular news items of the day were:

•  Fashion Priest's take on Leather Heaven and Hell
•  Hague to announce human rights programme
•  What's Clegg's Valentine's Day surprise for wife?
• Jobless man sets fire to himself in France
• CCTV shows driver hit woman and toddler

Hmmm, the BBC tell me that a sportsman's private life and the content of "beef" burgers are more likely to be of interest and certainly items one and three on the list above remind me that, in the words of Martyn Joseph, Every Thing's News However I was moved to look at item four, not so much by the sensationalist headline as by the quiet presence of someone with, perhaps, a similar lifestyle. "The Tramp" often sleeps in the car port at work. He was there again tonight. He must be freezing cold but he probably doesn't notice because of the drugs he takes. His task, each night, is to be alive in the morning. I pray that he will be.

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