Saturday, March 08, 2014

More on Lent

It can't really be avoided round here, although work and some aspects of home life have meant that I've quite often temporarily forgotten Lent. As I can't ignore it or forget it permanently, and ranting about it appears to be counter-productive both in terms of the reaction I get and the effects on my own blood pressure, so I've decided to use the time for temperance. I think it's probably a bit much to try to justify a commitment against that fasting word by using the complete poem, but taken just a little out of context some of the verses of George Herbert's poem on Lent do at least encourage me to be temperate. The Love Life Live Lent programme encourages me to be joyful and this thread from my friends encourages me that it's normal to be ambivalent about the whole thing. And this quote from Irish Up just encourages me " We give up things that prevent us from being our best selves, instead. This is after all, far more in the spirit of the observance, IME.   AFAICR, Jesus says lots of things about treating each other well, and has almost nothing to say on the subjects of chocolate or donuts. And when he DOES talk about food, it's to feed people. Just saying."

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