Sunday, March 16, 2014


Marcella has been to the Eating Disorders International Conference in London and her next three blog posts will be inspired by it.

It wasn't without its problems. For a start it was phenomenally expensive. Marcella was only able to go thanks to the generosity of her alter-ego's parents who provided not only the money for the ticket but free board and lodging for four days. She could only spare the time because her alter-ego's loved ones are self-sufficient enough not to miss her for a while and partly because of a degree of presenteeism she has time left to take as leave from her job.

On the day that she attended, and as she understands on the other days, the presentations were of variable quality. Some of them were great, some disappointing, and some, she understands, just hair-raisingly awful.

However, on balance, she is deeply, deeply grateful to those who organised it. Even the less successful presentations were an opportunity to learn. All is NOT well in the state of Denmark, or in this case, ED-land, and from the amusing mistake in the advertising blurb for a large private chain of hospitals (they really should have got one of their patients to turn an attention to detail to their brochure before publishing) to the frightening tales of dangerous sounding therapies, this was an opportunity for interested parties to try to effect change. Conferences ARE expensive to put on, and much of the money must have been spent on flying over some of the best speakers. London is expensive, but was at its beautiful, sunniest best. The fact that the conference was on, and one special friend was here from a long way away, was an ideal excuse for some of us, even if we couldn't afford to get through the doors, to meet and laugh and share stories and experiences.

So, to all involved in EDIC, thank you. Marcella had a really good time.

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Laura Collins said...

Marcella and her alter ego were a highlight of the week for me. Also, her "highlights!!!!!!"