Monday, November 11, 2013

Not only devils in the details

Angels too.

I don't know why I worried about what to post during November's blog-fest. There are enough Martyn Joseph songs to do one a day for 6 months.

Cardiff Bay is an obvious one, but with more than one meaning. A dear friend sees it entirely as about Cardiff Bay. And in that it IS, the one line; "Saw Captain Scott on the Terra Nova Setting sail for open sea" has always stuck in my mind.

I didn't realise until I saw it on that You Tube clip it that it was THIS version of Scott that they saw.  It fits with this tribute to Edward Wilson which tries to be modern and edgy. Some of it works well  although I'm not sure about naming the cafe after a local hero who died of starvation and cold. Some of it is just the old museum in a new case. And none the worse for that really, as long as you have the time to explore and really look at the exhibits that are crowded into the older part of the galleries.

Somewhere in the middle is the section devoted to Wilson himself. It's small but it's a lovely little detail in a rather overwhelming whole. In that it's a very fitting tribute to someone who was recruited for his attention to detail as a medic, scientist and artist.

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