Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm back

I am back on this blog after nearly a year (it took me ten minutes to re-learn how to start a new post) and I'm back home after 3 very hectic, tiring, and enjoyable days at EDIC.

The combination of having had to concentrate so hard on so many talks over the last week and landing back in real life with so much to do has made me feel like some catherine wheel that has come off its nail and is spiraling out of control to the ground. I expect with sleep and food and some of the other self-soothing techniques I've be learning about I will recover. However the spiral is quite a useful illustration about how I intend to reflect on what I have learned - from the middle out.

If I just went through each talk in chronological order I would bore even myself to death. I intend to write four blog posts only, starting from the heart as in mid point on the middle day and as in the family who can be at the heart of treatment (or excluded, or left to muddle through alone, or only welcomed so that they can say sorry). I will go on to treatment approaches, science and lastly coming back round to economics which as the chair of the conference pointed out is always near the heart of political thinking in health provision.

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