Friday, October 18, 2013

no health in us

"ALMIGHTIE and most merciful father, we have erred and straied from thy waies, lyke lost shepee we have folowed to much the devises and desires of our owne hartes. We have offended against thy holy lawes: We have left undone those thinges whiche we ought to have done, and we have done those thinges which we ought not to have done, and there is no health in us"

It's always struck me that it's those "thinges" (love it) which we ought to have done but which are left undone that come before the naughty thinges which we HAVE done. I'm usually far too busy doing nothing, or rushing from pillar to post in a fury of busyness which amounts to the same thing, to commit any truly terrible sins. But oh, the many many many things which I should have done that I haven't....

I should have contributed to a newsletter which is going out at the end of the month, by 11th. I should have written back to a dissertation student who asked for my help. I should have written down the dates of the meeting that I agreed to attend next week and as I haven't it'll become one of the thinges that will be left undone whenever it was that I was supposed to do it, and that's just the first three emails in my in box. 

I have no real excuses. I've been busy at work. We've all been busy at work. Work is supposed to be a "health and social care" environment. T'is pity then that we're collectively pretty awful and achieving a healthy environment at work. Even if everyone else was though, I'd still find something to rush about and do busily busily busily. Maybe it's because I get distracted by those terrible thinges and spend the rest of the prayer trying to remember what they were, instead of going on to the next bit

but thou, O Lorde, have mercy upon us miserable offendours. Spare thou them O God, whiche confesse their faultes. Restore thou them that be penitent, accordyng to thy promises declared unto mankynde, in Christe Jesu our Lorde. And graunt, O most merciful father, for his sake, that we may hereafter lyve a godly, ryghtuous, and sobre life, to the glory of thy holy name.

So, if you asked me to do something and I happily agreed and then did sod all about it - I'M SORRY. I will TRY to only agree if I really think that I can do it, and to put it in my diary if I do. It's probably just as well though that history ensured that if I get round to it I also get the chance to ask forgiveness daily because there are bound to be more thinges tomorrow.

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Wini B Solomons said...

YOU'VE WRITTEN MY THOUGHTS .So I hope your prayer covers me too.