Monday, October 01, 2012

Place your bets

Learned writers, and journalists for the more serious papers, and those within the Church for whom it really matters, will have been swotting over the writings, musing over the sayings and/or praying hard about who will become the next Archbishop of Canterbury. A few of them may have placed a bet, along with those who like to put a bet on most things.

 I planted sunflowers.

 I have to say that ALL the "Archbishop" sunflowers, i.e. those specifically named after known candidates for the office, got eaten by slugs. Many of those named after other clerics did too, but a faithful few survived. Of those, only one has a name in common with any of the in any way serious candidate for the office. So, based on the preferences of the slugs in my garden, and the fact that on reading I find that we have some things in common, including an incontinent cat, my candidate for AB of C is the Bishop of Bradford.

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