Saturday, November 24, 2018


We can argue about methods, we don't all agree on details, and I've a fairly strong feeling that we're not all always talking about exactly the same thing at least some of the time, but what the internet and real life community that is FEAST has always done is to give parents the chance to connect, to talk to make friends.

There are formal ways of doing this. FEAST are working on more of them. There have always been informal ways of doing this. Connecting with others is soooo worth it.

One of the first people I met online was Mary. We had daughters with eating disorders. That was about all we knew we had in common. They weren't the same age. They weren't the same eating disorders. Nevertheless we talked, we laughed, we made friends. We visited each others homes. We continue to share pictures of children and grandchildren.

It's not evidence-based, its not without its risks, but making friends, having company in this journey, has surely got to be the best!

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